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The Power of Communication

IPI’s College Scholars Program Among the poor in Kenya, income and quality of life aren’t much better for those who complete high school compared to those who don’t. To overcome poverty, further education is needed after high school in order to obtain vocational skills or professional credentials. The IPI College Scholars Program (ICSP) supports promising candidates…

Our Teachers Are Our First Ethical Leaders

There is no social institution further upstream of all our challenges than schools.  Pause for a moment during these opening days, and you will see in our schools the entirety of our next generation, all in various stages of preparation to participate, even to lead, our democracy, our world.    How this next generation will…

Podcast Episode: Christiana Beveridge

Listen On: Spotify | Apple | Google In this episode of the podcast, we get the chance to speak with Christiana Beveridge who is a Shoulder-to-Shoulder alumna and member of the Executive Board. Christiana serves as a Medical Director at Oak Street Health, a career which she says was inspired by her experiences with Shoulder-to-Shoulder….

Looking Forward to Summer 2022

As Summer 2021 comes to an end and thoughts turn to planning for next summer we wanted to let you know that when the world opens for safe travel, Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder is ready. Risk management is central to Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder programming and we are currently developing guidelines alongside our partners. While we can not predict…

Podcast Episode: Mark Wilhelm

Listen On: Spotify | Apple | Google In this episode of the podcast, we get the chance to hear from Mark Wilhelm, who is a businessman and father to three children who have participated in Shoulder-to-Shoulder courses. In this episode, we dig into how Mark was instrumental in the founding of Shoulder-to-Shoulder. Executive Director and…

The Shoulder-to-Shoulder Podcast

Shoulder-to-Shoulder is a community of partners working together to inspire and support ethical leadership. In this podcast series, we will be sharing inspirational stories from the people that make up this community.   Listen On: Spotify | Google | Apple

Podcast Episode: Lauren Morehead

Listen On: Spotify | Google | Apple In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Lauren Morehead, who has been a part of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder community in many different capacities. As a student, Lauren participated in both the New Orleans and Nepal courses, but her involvement didn’t stop there. Today, Lauren is an active member of the Board…



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