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Ethical leadership stands firmly on the foundation of the virtues and skills expressed on this page.

Inspiring and supporting these qualities of character in emerging generations is the central purpose of SStS


Ethical leadership is a lifelong path of learning

All of us live in communities that struggle with issues related to poverty, social injustice, inequity, lack of inclusion, and climate change.

SStS creates its programming in the context of the noble efforts to address these challenges. Our “learning service” is grounded in the humble mindset of learning experientially today so that we can lead ethically tomorrow.

An Ethical Leader...

Is Compassionate

Feels or recognizes suffering and injustice and is compelled to find solutions

Has a moral imagination

Exhibits curiosity about the way the world IS and is inspired by ideas of how the world OUGHT to be

Is Morally Courageous

Acts on strategies guided by moral awareness and is persistent enough to endure barriers to progress

Has Integrity

Thinks deeply about right and wrong to guide actions and is open to change based on experience

Balances Prosperity and Public Purpose

Understands the complexity of defining “prosperity” and “public purpose” and is capable of balancing the two

Applies Global Perspectives

Understands the potential of global interconnectedness and is respectful of its inherent cultural diversity

Is Systems Oriented

Appreciates the complexity of integrated systems and searches “upstream” for long-term solutions

Shares Leadership

Brings together diverse perspectives and is inspirational, modeling shared responsibility, shared vision, and shared value



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