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Rural Health Care
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Course Details

June 20-July 3, 2022


Departure City
$4199* (Plus Airfare)


6 Spaces

Alongside our partner, the Rio Beni Health Foundation, you will learn about indigenous peoples, rural healthcare, and conservation efforts in the Amazon.


This program will immerse you in the incredible ecological and cultural diversity of Bolivia where you will visit local inidgenous communities (primarily Chimane, Mosetene, Tacana and Quechua) while learning about rural healthcare and access to clean water. 

While in Rurrenabaque, you will spend time learning about the importance of access to clean water and building water filters which will be used to minimize the high infant mortality rate in the surrounding communities. After building the filters, you will travel upriver to deliver the filters and spend time living with local indigenous communities. Upon completion of the project, you will travel to the Pampas, the pre-Amazonian wetlands, and learn about local conservation practices.

*Please note that programs are subject to change based on the health and safety of participants and our partners.




Practice speaking Spanish while meeting with residents and nonprofit leaders.

Experience the rich cultural and ecological diversity of Rurrenabaque, Bolivia.

Support the Rio Beni Health Foundation in building water filters.


Course Elements

1 is the least rigorous, 5 is the most rigorous

After learning about and building bio-sand water filters, you will travel to a remote Rio Beni community to install them in homes and schools.
Prior to your travels, you will complete an online curriculum to gain background knowledge for your experience. While traveling, you will learn through engaging articles, cultural experiences, and group reflections.
While in Rurrenabaque, you will take short hikes in the surrounding hills. Then, during the last days of the course, you will take day hikes while exploring the Pampas.
In addition to staying in hostels while in Rurrenabaque, La Paz, and the Pampas, you will camp in the rainforest for a few nights while installing filters in the Rio Beni community.
After arriving in La Paz, you will take a short flight to Rurrenabaque. While in this area, you will travel by boat to surrounding communities and the Pampas.
You will primarily be in rural areas (the small town of Rurrenabaque, a remote community in the rainforest, and an ecolodge in the Pampas). A day will also be spent in La Paz, a major city.


Day 1

Depart from Miami.

Day 2

Arrive in La Paz, fly to Rurrenabaque.

Day 3

Introduction to the Rio Beni Foundation. Begin building filters.

Day 4

Explore Rurrenabaque. Continue building filters

Day 5

Explore Rurrenabaque. Cultural experience.

Day 6

Finish filters. Prepare for the expedition. Travel to the Rio Beni community.

Day 7

Set up filters with the community.

Day 8

Finish installing the filters, last night in the community.

Day 9

Return to Rurrenabaque. Prepare for travel to the Pampas.

Day 10

Travel to the Pampas. Spend the night at an eco-lodge.

Day 11

Spend the day learning about the Pampas. Spend the night at an eco-lodge.

Day 12

Morning at the Pampas tour. Return to Rurrenabaque.

Day 13

Return flight to La Paz. Night in La Paz.

Day 14

Return to Miami.


Itineraries are subject to change based on the health and safety of participants and our partners.

Bolivia : In Three Phases



Prior to your departure, you will be guided by your course instructors through a series of interactive, online lessons designed to help you engage with other members of your group while gaining important context for your experience



The majority of the days at each site are spent learning from our local partners and serving alongside them shoulder-to-shoulder. You will learn through service and experiences designed to help you understand the local context, culture, and history.



Ethical leadership is a lifelong journey. After your experience, you will become a part of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder network. This network of past alumni and partners is designed to inspire and support your journey in ethical leadership.

Travel Journal

During the travel phase of each SStS course, you will spend time reflecting and processing your experience. The posts below are from past programs.

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Life Lessons

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Important Details


Tuition (students from partner schools): $3899
Tuition (students from non-partner schools): $4199

*Students attending a partner school receive a tuition discount. Click HERE to see partner schools. Please note that tuition does not include airfare.


Estimated Flight Cost: $1250

*All students travel to their program destination on a group flight booked by Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder. Participants are responsible for any increase in airfares imposed by the airlines. All participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the departure city. SStS will confirm airfare and connecting travel information approximately 60 days before travel.  


SStS is in search of curious, compassionate, globally-minded students from all backgrounds. We will do all that we can financially to support students who require assistance. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please indicate this on the application.  Resources are limited and tend to be less than 50% of tuition.


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