Applications closed for 2024.

Our Approach

With trusted partners, we create powerful, inspiring experiences, that are educationally-based and grounded in the principles of “Learning Service.”  by joining us you will work alongside inspiring nonprofit leaders, learn the principles of ethical leadership and become a part of a lifelong network.

A Three Phase Model

For Inspiring & Supporting Ethical Leadership

Phase One
Case Study

Before traveling you will learn about the principles of ethical leadership, the mission of the organization you will be working with, and the historical and cultural context of your field site. You will also begin building relationships with your coursemates and your course instructor. Phase one occurs online a few weeks prior to departure.

Phase Two
Field Study

After arriving at your course site you will work shoulder-to-shoulder with inspiring nonprofit leaders to learn about the principles of ethical leadership. Using a “learning-service” approach, you will explore global issues in a local context while engaged in service work alongside our partners and the communities in which they work.

Phase Three

Return home with a heightened awareness of social justice issues, an understanding of ethical leadership, and a mindset to transfer your experience to your own “backyard.” You will be welcomed into our Shoulder-to-Shoulder network to support and inspire you throughout your journey in ethical leadership.



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