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8 Days

SStS partners with the Rio Beni Health Foundation to install water filters for communities in the Bolivian Amazon.

20 Days

SStS partners with the Cambodian Rural Development Team to improve the food security, incomes and living standards of poor rural communities.

20 Days

SStS partners with Focus: HOPE to support projects intended to improve and revitalize 100 city blocks in the heart of Detroit.

20 Days

SStS partners with International Peace Initiatives on projects that help sustain a home for economic and AIDS orphans.

21 Days

SStS partners with The Small World (TSW) to help construct schools for girls pursuing their education in Kathmandu and rural villages.

21 Days

SStS partners with Common Ground Relief to restore wetlands that help create resilient and sustainable Gulf Coast communities.

19 Days

SStS partners with the Project WOO to support projects that build healthy, sustainable, and economically viable coastal communities.

19 Days

SStS partners with the Llama Pack Project to conserve precious Andean ecosystems and deliver environmental education in local schools.

9 Days

SStS partners with the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation to support projects that preserve Lakota traditions and enhance spiritual and economic self-sufficiency.

20 Days

SStS partners with the Tibetan Village Project (TVP) to help promote sustainable development and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Tibet.

Travel Journal

During the travel phase of each SStS course, students spend time reflecting about the learning that occurs through their immersion and service experiences. These posts capture the impact of our programs on individual students. Explore the posts below to learn about SStS programs from the important viewpoint of our students.

Latest Happenings

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    The Vail Mountain School Peter Abuisi Theater is a welcoming setting to gather our entire audience for two keynote addresses.

2017 Global Solutions Forum

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder hosts the annual, international Global Solutions Forum to inspire, educate, and connect all of our partners from around the world: students, course instructors, NGO directors, businesses, school leaders, and alumni.

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