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26th of June, 2023



Sunday, June 25

As interesting as it was, a good group of us started our Sunday morning bright and early walking to a Kenyan Methodist church. We first walked over to KACH and met up with some kids. Grace had Tamara on her hip and Eliana and I were accompanied by Nanette. Being at the church with all the kids was such a memorable experience! I had so much fun listening to the sermon and all the singing, but I had more fun interacting with the kids and listening to them sing. I even got my hair braided mid-service! After that, we got all changed out of our Sunday best and into some more chill clothes. We went back to the school and spent nearly two hours with all the kids. At that time there was so much going on! For example, Finn and Isaac played tag and were chasing each other. I also remember seeing Thomas, Roeser, Patrick, Kelvin, Tyrus, Grace, and Jacob playing flatsicitball (basketball but the ball is flat). We later all went inside and helped make some fresh chapati. That was so fun, and it really took me back to when I was a kid and how I used to make it all the time with my grandparents. We were all having so much fun that we barely felt the time pass and soon it was lunchtime. We went back to the Taraji Center for lunch, and we took a little one-hour rest break. Following that, we went to the pool! We all gathered and walked back to KACH and picked up some of our friends and took a long walk to the pool center. Though it was a walk, it felt more like a hike. As soon as we got there, we all jumped in the water, and it was so cooling. We swam around for a bit but then got super hungry. So a small group of us found this little restaurant and we got so much food. As crazy as it is, we got fries, 23 pancakes, and omelets. It was honestly so good; I could go back there every day. But that little snack ended up being an early dinner and we ended the night driving back to the Taraji Center and eating dinner here. It was a long day, but it was all worth it!



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