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Understanding How I Fit in the World


Amelia Pierce

21st of June, 2023



Today was our first full day in Meru. We took a long hike in the morning to a meadow near the Eco Center. I took the time during this hike to back up and reflect on how the past couple days have affected me. I have started to understand how I fit in the world and how I might be able to be the best person I can be. The past few days I have been the happiest I have been in years and the most at peace as well.

Dr. K has told us all about how KACH was started and the values that they teach the kids. These values have really stood out to me, and I have found myself connecting them to myself and how I am in the world. Also, it was our first day interacting with the kids. They were scared at first, which Is understandable because a bunch of foreign people were in their house. But they soon opened up to us and we had a very intense game of soccer which ended in a tie! After dinner, we had more time to reflect and think about our personal journeys so far. Then we all played a game that one of the university students taught to us. It involves remembering a number and responding quickly. We all had a blast and played for almost 2 hours. Overall, the field study has been very informal and has completely changed how I think about the world, and its only day 4. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for my transformation.



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