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26th of June, 2023



Travel Journal
Saturday, June 24

Today was another busy day for us here in Meru. We started off working with Nicholas continuing our permaculture project. The work today was not as tiring, as we simply planted the seeds in the beds we made yesterday. There were all different kinds of these seeds such as carrots, peppers, herbs, and certain plants I had never even heard of. We were sure to be meticulous in planting each seed as they were all different in their required method of planting. Pesticides and hay accompanied the seeds in their bed before we watered it all to sit for our day off on Sunday. With a lighter farming day came a challenging afternoon. We got to hike a mountain, lasting from lunch to dinner. The best part of the hike was the fact that it was an opportunity to meet the high schoolers, as they had just returned for a two-week break from school yesterday. Many of them go to boarding school and live at KACH while at home. I met Ian and Dennis, and it was an amazing experience getting to know their stories and asking questions about their lives at school and home, while also answering all their questions about America. It was a great way to pass the time during the long hike, we didn’t know the distance, but my guess is around 5 miles, with plenty of uphill climbs. The top of the mountain presented a gorgeous view of Meru and the surrounding mountains. We waited up there until sunset continuing to share stories and take plenty of pictures. As night fell, we descended the mountain and ended up at KACH and had dinner with the high schoolers, as well as the younger kids. There were at least fifty of us in this room, and after the delicious food, we played some games. I got to meet some of the younger kids and teach them how to make bracelets and they taught me how to braid the ends. After this team effort of making my blue and pink bracelet, I gave it to Grace, the quick learner who helped me finish it. It was a day full of new friends that I will continue to learn more from as the trip progresses.



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