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Our Progress


Alaina H

28th of June, 2023



We continued our permaculture work today. It’s been amazing to see our progress, turning a blank patch of land into a garden that will have a lasting effect after we leave. Today we worked on fencing the area. We started by stabilizing the pre-existing poles with rocks while another group cleared a bush on the edge of the land. We then lined the fence with wood, instead of barbed wire. We took a break for tea (my favorite part of the day) and enjoyed some delicious cookies while drinking lemongrass tea and hot chocolate. After tea we headed back out to work where we finished fencing the land with metal sheets while listening to music. When I first came on this trip I was nervous for the physical labor because I’m not the strongest, but its honestly very soothing. It’s nice to just turn your brain off and break a sweat. We also did a little bit of work in the garden. We made mounds around the plants and then made moats around the mounds to help the wilting plants better hold water. We then had an amazing lunch than hopped in the car to go play games with some of the kids from KACH at a local soccer field. We played a variety of games, like potato sack races and a variation of egg races (but with potatoes). We then played a game of soccer against a local soccer team, of which we won 2-1. It was amazing seeing everyone bonding with the kids despite the language barrier and I’m so excited for the rest of this trip.



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