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The Long-Awaited Homestay


02nd of July, 2023



Last night was the long-awaited homestay. I had been looking forward to it for a while and was really excited the day of. I was a little disappointed to learn that I was not with one of my friends and instead with Jim. However, it was a very lovely experience for the both of us. We stayed with a Mom, a Dad, and her two children. Her son Gifton was the first one of the bunch that I met. He was pretty shy at first and the conversations were pretty dry and awkward but eventually we really started to bond. He showed me around the neighborhood and allowed me to meet many of his friends. His mother was also very sweet. She cooked an amazing dinner and we had many good interactions. She was super nice to me and very welcoming. It was fun to have a special lunch today at Tiriji with all the home stay families and SStS. It was a great experience.

~Finnegan Wootten



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