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Inti Raymi



25th of June, 2013


Peru '13

Travel Journal

Today we went to Cusco to see Inti Raymi, which is the winter solstice festival. Although chaotic, It was beautiful. Watching the dances and all the people in their beautiful outfits made everyone take a step back. Everything about the festival was so rich with history and culture. Everything we had learned about during the nine days before was in a way coming to life.

Before coming to Peru, a friend of mine was telling me how beautiful Cusco was, and today I really understood what she kept telling me. While walking up to Saqsaywaman through this gorgeous village it hit me how much history surrounded me. I felt blessed at that moment, although I was close to passing out from the steep stairs. I was overcome with curiosity about the past, and wonder about what exactly I was surrounded by. It was one of those moments when I told myself, “I need to come back someday.”



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