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The Project



19th of June, 2011


Nepal '12

Travel Journal

Tashidale everyone! That’s Sherpa for greetings! I am so glad I have another opportunity to post a blog today. I want to share with everyone how much progress we have made and what we have been doing for the community here in Salleri. We are building the first women’s hostel here in the Everest region so that they can be afforded the opportunity to go to college. Some of these girls would otherwise have to walk upwards of five hours to get there. Let me tell you, this walking is the hardest and steepest “walking” I have ever done.

Every day I love waking up and learning more and more about what we are doing. Today, Karma and Sonam showed us a video about the project that aired two weeks ago on the Nepali news. It was explaining the purpose of the project and highlighting the gender inequalities as well as the fact that the Nepali National Government doesn’t distribute funds evenly throughout the country; it focuses mostly on the capital, Kathmandu. This project is so important that it is being nationally recognized. Karma also has a meeting with the United Nations who came to HIM, to see if they could get involved. I knew this project was important but I never knew how big it was.

Everyone in the region knows we are here and when we are walking down the road, people have said thank you. That is so cool to know that they are so appreciative. Just a few days ago Sonam released the radio and newspaper announcement with information about the school’s opening. She said that they have room for approximately 40 girls but expect over 500 applications. They will be judged by need and academic merit. That in itself shows how important it is. They would also like to add between 5 and 10 girls a year.

The work is so important but, I have to say, it is exhausting. We have carried wood up and down a (very very steep) mountain, moved probably over 1000 large rocks for the buildings, leveled ground, plastered walls and moved dirt and cement. Tomorrow we will paint walls and move more rocks and dirt. Every day I walk home tired but with a satisfied smile on my face knowing that I am giving hope to so many people. I cannot wait to hear of all of the amazing places these girls will go. Before we leave we are hoping to get enough ground leveled so that we can put up the volleyball net!



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