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Beach Cleaning on the Southern Nacoya Peninsula


16th of July, 2022


Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Travel Journal

Hey! It’s Elsie writing to you from our 5th day on the Southern Nacoya Peninsula. Today, we started our morning with a beach clean-up along Playa San Miguel. We spent a little over two hours picking up trash of all sorts along the beach, that ranged from plastic water bottles to Cars-themed crocs. To be honest, I was surprised at the amount of trash that sat on the beach. The beaches here are beautiful, and it was disappointing and surprising to see how much trash was sitting along the beach. However, as a team we filled multiple large bags to the brim with trash, and I’d say we had a very successful beach clean-up. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to listen to a Crema/Turtle Trax member give a presentation about the four turtle species that tend to nest along the Southern Nacoya Peninsula. We learned about the lifestyles of the different turtle species, but also about the potential threats to them, which include ocean trash. A couple nights ago I was lucky enough to see a turtle nesting on the beach. Listening to how dangerous ocean trash is to turtles, I am incredibly glad we got to help clean up Playa San Miguel, so that we can help protect turtles like the one I saw.



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