Friendship Park

Friendship Park



10th of February, 2020

Travel Journal

At the start of our day we had a twenty-minute drive to Friendship Park which brought us along the new border fencing. This fence stretched as far as the eye could see and it felt as though it wasn’t even real. On the Mexican side you could see houses and roads as close to the border as they could get while on the American side there was almost a mile of land that was just empty. When we arrived at Friendship Park immediately the fence changed from a dull red color to a fence covered in colorful murals and a park filled with native plants and colorful hearts. We could tell that it was a place made for people to feel as though they were in a place of trust and somewhere in which they could be vulnerable and still be accepted. This was felt, but when looking over to the American side it felt like this feeling of trust was broken as it was guarded by border patrol agents with guns and surrounded by fences and cameras. The idea of Friendship Park is for families and people who don’t know each other to come together to communicate. While now people can only touch pinkies through the small holes in the fence separating the American and Mexican sides of the border, there is hope that one day that barrier will become a gateway for people to meet, hug, and reunite.
In the final moments of our day at Friendship Park, we attended a church service at the fence. During this service there was a moment in which everyone stood against the wall and bowed our heads in a moment of silence while pressing our hands against the wall. This moment moved all of us in the way where we felt the pain that many experience through this fence regularly. You could really feel the idea of these people living a 180-degree life in which the full circle that most people live in is cut in half by the border wall. While Friendship Park is a place of community and love, it will never be able to fully symbolize love and togetherness until all of us are able to work together and see eye to eye without a border in between.



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