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23rd of June, 2023



Travel Journal
Friday, June 23

Today brought yet another adventurous day in the highlands of Kenya! We started off our morning strong as we met our friends Patrick, Nicholas, Tyrus, Kelvin, and Vivian from KACH and headed over to continue working on our hybrid permaculturing/composting/manure-shoveling project. It was really meaningful to see our work progressing and the gardening beds taking form, especially while keeping in mind the impact that this project will have on Dr. Karambu’s initiatives and the broader community here in Meru. I feel really motivated by what she stands for and hearing her words helps us guide our work in many ways. Following our tea break, we finalized the work on our beds for the day, having made remarkable progress since the day’s start. Hand in hand with our KACH leaders we ventured on into the town center on an impromptu road trip. We had the opportunity to drive past a bustling marketplace and the drive included a scenic waterfall sighting and eventually an even more scenic bouncy slide in the mall parking lot. Naturally, we all eagerly rushed to it and had a blast alongside our friends from Tiriji. We have all made such incredible bonds with not only all the people at KACH and Tirihi but within our group as well, thanks to our collective kindness and open-minded outlook. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this experience will hold, and to cherish every moment!



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