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Building our comfort levels


Priya and Seth

25th of June, 2019


Panama '19

In our second day working with the kids, those of us working in Cristobal ended our time there with a walk through the jungle. Oscar, a fourteen-year-old member of the Ngobe indigenous group led us through the jungle, instructing us in Ngabere as we walked. The kids found it hilarious as we struggled to pronounce everything. Throughout the walk, we ate cacao from the trees, gave many piggyback rides and improved our communication skills with the kids. So far the trip is already filled with many great experiences that we will all remember.

Another day started with warm welcomes and hellos from locals. After coming back from our morning job, our group took a small break to rest at least a little for the already well known energetic kids. Then we were ready to take on the challenges ahead of us and stepped foot in the community house. Once the kids turned their heads to the door they burst out in excitement and start cheering to the extent where it took many people to help them calm down. After one day of working and playing with them it seemed like they have known us for years they were so comfortable with us. The kids of this well-knit community were so accepting of us and our lesson ideas, everyone had a great time.



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