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Basti Community Center



26th of June, 2023


Panama I

Today was the first day my room was on time for breakfast. Princess began our day with the theme song from Frozen to make sure we were awake. Shockingly, we had already woken up from the tropical music playing outside of our window. As everyone arrived for breakfast at different times, I could hear the chaos of the day beginning as we sat, still some of us half asleep. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and hojaldres, with fruit juice. After the group requested seconds, we left to spend the morning in Bocas. We split into a few groups once we arrived but some of the favorites consisted of a fun soap shop that smelled delicious, cafes, surf shops, dollar stores and more. We packed many stops into a short amount of time and looked forward to a refreshing boat ride back to Basti before lunch. We walked the colorful alive street of Basti to Kechas where we had lunch and split into our groups to discuss things that are/aren’t working and patterns we’ve noticed in the kids. Fast forward to my group’s afternoon at the community center in Basti. Today there were fewer kids than the week before but we still were able to account for the activities we had previously planned on doing. We figured out that giving breaks between activities is the best way to go about the schedule. We made beaded bracelets, played Simon says, and had a competition picking up and learning about trash. After the center, we all sat in the main area of the hotel, some went swimming, made bracelets, and some tried to figure out sudoku. After this, we wrapped up the day with pasta, lots of garlic bread, and some fun group games.




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