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Exploring Bocas


Landen B

20th of June, 2023


Panama I

Today was a very eventful day that began with waking up and listening to the soothing waves and birds. We all got ready and sat in the main room to eat breakfast with a lookout of the beautiful ocean. The breakfast today was pancakes and fruits. My favorite fruit was the pineapple because of how sweet it is. We then head up to our rooms to get our bags to get ready for our tour of the bat caves. We get on the boat and go to the cave, we boat through the mangroves and see many interesting parts of the ecosystems to sloths to millipedes.
We meet our guide and begin our short hike. After the hike, we get to the boat and head off for lunch. Lunch was chicken, rice, beans, and potatoes. We leave lunch and get ready to go to the after school center to help. After filling our water bottles we head off to the schools. It was very fun to see the kids again and start from where we left off yesterday. After the after school center we jumped in the water then got ready for dinner. I had grilled chicken and fries. That was probably my favorite dinner so far. I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring!



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