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Always Adventuring: Salineras and Pisaq


Nick Hagler

05th of July, 2016


Peru '16

It was warm out this morning rather than the usual cool. Our breakfast crew, promptly after wake up, cooked a delicious breakfast of oatmeal -Mazel tov. Everyone got ready- two full water bottles, sunscreen and full brimmed hat in hand – and began the walk down to the bus, some stepping with exhaustion, some with joy. Over the mountains and up the windy road towards a Peruvian salt mine; salty one would say, a statement only to be responded with a “truuuuuuuuuu”.

I was amazed by the vast expanse of salt ponds as we perched above our destination as a team. It was a little daunting seeing the many tour busses packed into the tiny parking lot of the salt mines. Sasha, quickly, lighted the overwhelming situation by explaining the tourism was an essential part of the local economy. Our appetites peaked after exploring the mines and shops for a good hour. We piled into the van and headed off to lunch in Urubamba.

We enjoyed a lunch of sick people chicken soup, normal chicken soup, grilled chicken, trout and beef. After our tummies were filled, we made a quick stop at Frank’s for some snacks, then piled into the van yet again towards Pisaq.

The ruins were beautiful to say the least; the backdrop of mountains lovingly accepted the golden light onto their rocky slopes. We hiked, climbed, fell and stumbled around the ruins for a good hour before heading back towards Urubamba.

We made a quick stop at La Quinta Eco hotel. While Sasha and Callie were glued to their phones uploading the blog (an essential reminder to our parents and other special individuals that we are indeed safe and sound in Peru), the children(us) played with the most cute, rabid and fluffy puppies ever. I came close to one little rabid pup, and named him(or her…unsure) Pablo, Pablo Escobar. Eventually I had to leave Pablo as we packed into the van for a final time.

When we arrived back at Munaychay, we had a lovely dinner with the German volunteers; the pasta was delicious and the atmosphere was warm.

After saying our goodbyes(tchus, mas guud(that spelling is bad)), we ventured back to casa 8, had a quick meeting, then headed off to bed.

Sitting here now, alone, in the living room, I write this blog, but I am tired now, so I will sleep. However, we will be adventuring yet again tomorrow. We will always be adventuring.


Signing off – with much love – Nick H.



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