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Joseph’s journal of utter awesomeness



07th of July, 2016


Peru '16

Today was a great day. One of the best at Munaychay. I had a great night’s sleep and a weird dream that I was in a video game. We had hard boiled eggs for breakfast with the always delicious bread and jam. After our yummy breakfast, we headed off to the farm located just below Munaychay. We had expected to pull more weeds as we had done the previous day (an activity I find quite meditative), but we were assigned to a different task instead. Today our job was to carry chopped firewood up to each house. It required a bit more effort than pulling weeds, but the pay off was much better. I definitely felt prapaly pumped after that (shout out to Hans and Franz). We were able to complete houses 1-4 with the help of one of the men from the farm (a super strong dude who could carry about 18 logs at once). Each house got 300 logs, so by lunch time we were all really hungry. Lunch was great today. We ate trout. The seasoning was muy perfecto. After lunch we had most of the afternoon to work on our lens presentations. I presented alongside my partner (Janzen) on the political situation in Peru. It went pretty well. After presenting we all got to rest a while before dinner. I talked with the guys about music (something I really miss) and various tv shows. It was a pretty good talk. Dinner tonight was good as well. We had chicken and rice with papas fritas (French fries). I ate at a new house. The kids were super fun and after dinner we got to play with them a little before going back up to our house. I showed them how to make a coin disappear and some cheesy dance moves which they laughed at. It was a pretty good end to a good day. Before I end the journal for today I want to say hi to mi family back in Asheville. I’m missing y’all. I am feeling great and i can’t wait to begin the trek on Friday. There is not too much time left in our trip. I will see you soon.
From Peru,
This is Joseph,
Signing off for now.



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