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Throwback: Saturday, July 2nd: Sacrifices and Soccer



07th of July, 2016


Peru '16

The morning began with an impromptu breakfast composed of bananas, tea, and granola. After, we met our guide, Pedro, who took us to Moray– an ancient Incan site entailing agricultural terraces. Our eccentric guide told us that the terraces were filled with spirits of fertility, duality, and “good vibes”. He continued to explain the ancient belief system of the incas– the body is composed of three areas: the mind, heart, and work (the legs). Continuing our tour, Sofi, Janzen and I realized that we would be sacrificed in Incan times– Pedro seemed very excited with his explanation.

Afterward, Sofi, Gaby, and I hiked up to the waterfall, while Janzen and the boys rested. After, we played soccer with the children of Munaychay which was very exhausting. Luckily, James, Jack, and I managed to score. The game was an eye-opening experience, as we realized that we could all be united in a common joy.


Exhausted, we ate a delicious dinner of soup made by the tías, or mothers, of each house. We finally came together to meet as a group. The meeting was full of our daily experiences, expectations of the trip, and of course we discussed our trains– not to worry, they are running smoothly. We are now cuddled under dozens of blankets, finally warm and happily tired.
– Cortlin



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