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A Full Day



23rd of June, 2023


Panama I

It was really satisfying to wake up hearing the crashing waves and the palm trees swaying in the distance. After leaving the bed and opening the windows you could see the beautiful colors of the houses and a bright sun for beginning the day, (I couldn’t really enjoy it as the alarm didn’t work and I and my roommates were late for breakfast but I enjoyed the sounds and sites as I was preparing and in the open patio eating breakfast of bread, eggs, and papaya.) I was so excited and nervous about what the day would hold, especially in meeting the kids in the community center ( I was selected for the San Cristobal island center). After a comfortable breakfast, Emily ( one of the directors of Give and Surf) gave us some guidance to how and what we are going to do and we planned activities for kids at the community centers. We ate lunch at a nearby restaurant and as we were passing the houses to reach it via walking, I noticed how colorful and almost playful the houses and walkway looked. The lunch was amazing and after going to the hotel for a quick break, me and my team boarded a boat for San Cristobal. The kids were extremely hyper and creative, we did friendship bracelets and diverse activities until we had to leave at about 5 pm, when some kids walked us to the boat and said enthusiastic yet sad goodbyes. I’m excited to go tomorrow and for the experiences, it will bring!




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