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28th of June, 2017


Cambodia '17

Today we went to a special museum called the S-21 prison museum. The museum was an old high school that was turned into a prison/torture area when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. The museum was truly eye-opening, showing all of us the horrible things that the Khmer Rouge did to innocent people, people that were from the same country as the Khmer Rouge and the same ethnicity. What happened at that school many years ago was quite horrible and appalling to think of, but what is happening today makes me happy and hopeful for a better future.

    The old site of the prison, as said before, has been turned into a museum, and throughout our tour, one message kept popping up, to spread awareness of what happened in Cambodia, so that it never happens again. This message makes me hopeful for the future because many people from around the world and in Cambodia visit this place, and if they take this message to their hearts and spread awareness, then I have hope that one day the genocides that we learn about in the past, and in the present, might never happen again in the future.



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