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Even I


27th of June, 2017


Cambodia '17

Imagine finding kids in a garbage dump searching for anything to sell and to eat. Today we visited a program called Pour un Sourir d’enfant (PSE) which was created to help the children who were put into this tragic situation. PSE was started by a couple, whom the students now call “Mami” and “Papi”. Mami and Papi were so petrified to see the kids struggle, that they decided to go back to France to tell their friends and family their idea! Their plan was to ask for donations so that they could begin their project. Mami and Papi’s goal was to create a school for impoverished kids. After many years of hard work, they have managed to build a school complex with over 10 buildings for teaching certain things, such as technology, hospitality, and business school.

    When I learned this, I was so happy! It was such a great feeling knowing they taught the things that we often take for granted in life. What also stood out to me was that they accept kids who are different. They created a building for special needs kids, and I found that truly amazing. They understand the hardships different kids face and they accept and respect that. I thought it was really nice that they made a place where they can feel comfortable going at their own pace. They don’t have to compare themselves to the other children in their community in a negative manner.

      On this tour, I learned so much and I feel like it really impacted the way I view parts of Cambodia. At first, I didn’t expect such a great organization to happen but once I learned the history behind PSE, it made me realize that anyone, even I, can make changes in the world like Mami and Papi did! All we need is dedication and support! 



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