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Running through the morning mist



31st of July, 2019


Kenya Running '19

Kenya running has been awesome so far. We started the day with a great hill workout that our Kenyan coach Abel created for us – after a warm-up jog on the red dirt roads through the morning mist, we ran an awesome set of hills. When we returned to Tirji Ecocenter, we enjoyed a healthy Kenyan breakfast – homemade with fruits and vegetables from the farm. We all love the lemon flower tea for breakfast, as well as we are enjoying the traditional Kenyan white tea and milk.

After breakfast, we spent a few hours working alongside the construction crew, assisting them as they build another an additional building for IPI guest rooms. The work was tough – we hauled sand and pebbles but working alongside the local guys kept us super motivated. We all counted our shovels of sand and rock in Swahili, beginning with me, Moja (1).

This afternoon we walked over to KACH to play with the kids. We also went back after dinner to join their evening Fellowship. The kids always brighten up the mood. The food here is also amazing – very tasty. I’m having a blast with my new friends and family.

The people here have been very welcoming and nice. They’re also engaged in conversation and want to know all about us.



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