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Mount Kenya



01st of August, 2019


Kenya Running '19

Today we woke up extra early for our morning run as we had to drive towards Mount Kenya for the start of our run. The course Coach Abel picked out was a beautiful 20km (10 mile) run through small villages. When we ran through the villages, everyone was very curious in us and would cheer for you as we ran by. Their cheering provided an extra boost of motivation as we went by. After our run we had breakfast overlooking the plains of Kenya. We fed our banana peels to a nearby cow as he watched us eat the rest of our breakfast. The change of scenery to open fields was nice. We came back and did our own laundry in plastic bins and got the full do it yourself experience. We also hung out with the KACH kids again, they are so welcoming, kind, and open-hearted. We played with balloons, did a puzzle, and ran around the field until we sat down too tired to continue. I came back, and went on a small run, with a stop to attempt to milk a cow, but I was too scared to continue.



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