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Qualities of an Ethical Leader


Cece J

28th of July, 2023


Costa Rica (Turtles II)

Today we went into Coyote to watch the festival to celebrate Guanacaste’s joining of Costa Rica where some of the students we’ve worked with preformed traditional dances. We then went to the hatchery for our final day of work, finishing off the mesh surrounding the eggs. Our driver, Henry, chopped some coconuts for a refreshment after our work. They are nature’s Gatorade, as they are full of electrolytes. In our journals, we reflected on the qualities of an ethical leader and thought about leadership qualities that we are working to develop. Our NGO staff inspires us to be these leaders because I have seen that they all have a strong moral imagination, meaning they exhibit curiosity about the way the world is, and are inspired by ideas of how the world ought to be. Seeing these traits in the staff has encouraged me to ask questions and be fully focused and present throughout the cultural experiences, and especially during our turtle night patrols. With the help of these staff, I feel like I am learning to be a more thoughtful and aware person, which will help me work towards being an ethical leader.



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