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Moral Courage


Sophia S

19th of July, 2023


Panama II

oday’s morning started off by going to Bocas del Toro’s recycling center where we learned about the different types of plastics, how they recycle each type, and how “Wasteless World” was started. Following that tour, the group went to lunch at “Red Snapper”. The group then split off to either Bastimentos or to Cristobal. At Cristobal we focused on creative arts by bringing out paint, teaching them how to make bracelets, and playing legos. Watching the kids make bracelets for themselves, their friends, and even some of us was cute, as they were all super proud of their new hand-made jewelry. When we returned back and the group was together again, our nightly discussion revolved around moral courage and imagination. We talked about what it means to be morally courageous and how anyone is able to practice it. An important aspect of being morally courageous is being compassionate and honest. We had time to reflect if we had ever stood up for someone and the consequences of it. This topic reminded me of when my friend said something about my sister which was hurtful. At that moment I decided to stand up for her and told my friend that what he had said was something he should’ve kept to himself and to be nicer to her as she is younger and my sister. Even though I was nervous to say something, in fear of something being said back to me, I valued my sister’s integrity and reputation more and stood up for her. Although being courageous is uncomfortable and difficult, it is always better to stand up for the people and things you love.



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