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Characteristics of Ethical Leadership


Simon C

16th of July, 2023


Panama II

Tonight, during our group discussion, we talked about some of the characteristics of ethical leadership. While all eight qualities we discussed tonight are important to being an ethical leader, the two that stand out to me are applying global perspectives and showing a strong sense of empathy. Both of these characteristics allow a foreigner down here to fully embrace and experience the perspective of the kids and their daily lifestyle; they also allow someone to take the experience they’ve seen down here and apply it to the world and their position. Personally, I’ve gained a greater sense of appreciation for small things like the proper sports fields we have along with bigger things like access to education and overall cleanliness. I feel like this is something that I will hopefully use in my life to make me realize how lucky I am to be in my position. These characteristics to me explain why we as a group are down here. While we could’ve just used the money that we spent on this trip to make a donation directly to them to help fund the school and the kids needs; we instead are down here to listen to them, gain their perspective and come out of this trip helping the kids more than just a simple donation would.



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