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Looking Back



08th of July, 2016


Nepal '16

Traveling with a group of people that one may not know is very daunting, especially when we meet to go to the other side of the world. When we first arrived at the airport we played a couple of card games while we waited for the whole group. After everyone made it and finally made it through security and made it to our gate, we started to talk and get to know each other more. The airplane was a little hard to get to know people since we all decided to sleep, but once we got to the guest house and had a restful night the adventures as a full group started. The first morning after breakfast we went to the beautiful monastery by the guest house. While walking through

The first morning after breakfast we went to the beautiful monastery by the guest house. While walking through the monastery we saw how they were affected by the earthquake last year.

P1320965A couple days later when we got to the Hope Home and started our work project, we worked so well together, helping and motivating each other to keep working hard through the hot and rainy days. In the end, it was amazing to see our hard work. But it didn’t end there.

Our bonding relationships kept growing, but not only with each other but with all the girls at the hope home and all the TSW staff.  Playing with the girls and seeing the big smiles and work ethic was amazing. They would help us out on the work site then play with us until the sun went down on the roof and we all learned how strong they are even after all they have been through.



We also grew closer with the TSW staff not only by working hard but through soccer and other activities including the trek. It was so much fun and their laughs were so contagious. Towards the end of our trip when we had to say our goodbyes to the girls, the tears were never ending. And at the moment I realized that the relationships that we made were real and meaningful to everyone including the girls. But it wasn’t over there for us, we still had the trek. The first day was the hardest day but we made it up with motivation from everyone. And it continued throughout the whole trip with everyone’s high and positive energy. Now that the trip is almost over I couldn’t have asked for a better group to experience the country of Nepal.



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