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01st of July, 2016


Nepal '16

In the early morning of Nepal, the giggles of girls a floor below us SSTS members ring throughout the house. A bell chimes for breakfast,older girls help the younger ones get ready for school, and Krishma is leading it all. Young in spirit and at heart, Krishma is capable of instilling confidence and self respect within the girls through positive actions and selfless influence.

At thirteen, Krishma of the Himalayan Hope Home girls has mastered maturity and become a role model for her younger “sisters”. Krishma holds responsibility to the highest respect, mediating arguments amongst roommates while we all play. Often she helps with her sisters chores while doing her own, and takes care of the little girls selflessly. With a constant schedule, Krishma manages a good balance between life at home and school work.

Krishma has surprised me with her future as a leader and mentor to many others. Her aspirations for a happy outweigh any obstacle in her path. Her perseverance keeps her at a steady stride when looking to the future. All the while, Krishma saves time to play and allow herself to be a kid. On our first day here she taught me how to dance (a large challenge to take on, just saying) and smiled through the entire experience. If one glances around the rooftop, as the girls run around playing games, Krishma is always found in deep, meaningful conversation with one of the teens or our course instructors. She is great at holding a conversation, while also being a quiet, thoughtful listener.

Without growing up too fast, Krishma is maturing and developing her own independent voice. Her energetic nature as a young teenager shines as bright as the smile ever-present on her face. Alongside every other girl in the Himalayan Hope Home, she will forever be a vital peace to the puzzle of this unique family.



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