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05th of July, 2016


Nepal '16

(editor’s note:  while on the trek, the instructors took advantage of a found signal to send an earlier journey entry.)

The Himalayan Hope Home is full of girls capable of changing the world. Leading these girls to success is Pema.

As a young girl, Pema always tried to change the way people viewed the world. Her goal as an aspiring student was to evoke change toward the concept of gender discrimination. Her parents respected the importance of education to the extent of allowing her to attend grade school. After grade school, Pema applied and received a scholarship for university from The Small World. Her payment was to give back to her community after graduation.

I was fortunate enough to meet Pema while working at the home. Pema manages the home, taking care of the girls and acting as a mother to the 30 girls living at the home. Every morning Pema wakes up early to run schedules like clockwork, feeding the girls and getting them all prepared for school. She keeps a level head through any hardship and is always ready to take care of the girls. The girls all love Pema dearly, and a deep-seated respect runs through the house, acting as the foundation that holds the family together.



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