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Joy in the Present


Jackie and Forest

06th of June, 2013


Cambodia '13

Past Programs

Today we spent most of our day back at the school mixing cement and creating more pillars. In comparison to yesterday, we are twice as efficient at post making which was really awesome. During one of our breaks we listened to one of the main work managers play a traditional Cambodian song using a leaf as an instrument. We all stopped for a moment to listen as he played. Before we knew it everyone was around us clapping, dancing and singing to the tune of the leaf. If you stop and think about it, it is amazing how something as simple as a leaf can bring people together. Koh Preah’s sense of community continually shapes the SStS group as a whole by pointing out that it is often the little things in life that make the loudest tune. Living in the here and now, in the simplicity, is such a soothing calm that we haven’t really gotten a chance to experience in our busy lives back in the States as much as we should. Seeing the kids so adamantly joyful about the task at hand helped us deal with the difference in language. We thought about what we were doing at eight years old and we can all agree, we weren’t accustomed to this degree of manual labor. As we write this, we are already excited for tomorrow’s plans. We look forward to see how Koh Preah shapes our definition of community.



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