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Global Citizen



23rd of June, 2013


Kenya '13

Travel Journal

As we look at the current progress we have made so far on the guesthouse, it is truly inspiring  seeing how one action can have a ripple effect. Working side-by-side, “shoulder to shoulder” with our fellow Kenyans has made my eyes open to the limitless possibilities when people of all backgrounds come together. No task is too hard, no ethnic or racial or religious difference is too big when people focus on a common goal. That is the meaning of global citizenship. When you share your culture with others and see cultures that are different from your own, you will truly have a global perspective. A global citizen has no mental or physical barrier to accepting each culture and advocating for the change he wants to see in the world.

I have been reflecting on my experience in the Kibera slum and the experience truly has made me feel a need to advocate for change. I only wish and hope that my friends at school could witness the living conditions and the day-to-day life that goes on. People say a picture speaks a thousand words but until you smell, hear, taste what the Kibera slum is like, you won’t fully understand. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone on this course and will continue to be. I am thankful for that and I believe I will help look back and say when I was tested I was able to pull through. A global citizen is someone who is willing to take a risk, move out of his comfort zone and push the envelope. He is willing to ponder and think about what he is striving to do and who he is striving to become. He is not only an advocate for the voiceless and the distressed but he is a shining example of a person who is trying to improve the lives of others.



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