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First Impressions


Trinity, Ivana, Sasha, Zoey, Skylar, Abby, Kaylah, Natalia

15th of July, 2023


Costa Rica (Turtles I)

Getting to know people who do not live in the same area as you is kind of hard but at the same time it helps better yourself and because we did not have out phones it made us be able to connect more, also the pressure of looking good is relaxed, the feelings of having a phone is slowly starting to fade and making us aware of things we did not maybe think of before and the connectivity is much stronger because of that.

The towns were much different and seeing that the people in Costa Rica normal is very different from our normal, much kinder people and seeing people being very welcoming and the pace of life seems calmer but at the same time people were not smiling as much but sometimes we tend to be fake in the US so locals seem more genuine with emotions, Hearing our bus driver Joise talk about Costa Rica and knowing everything about it and making us want to know more about Costa Rica, Joise had a type of love for his home town that was much different from how we would describe our own town, the people and animals seem to coexist better and the animals don’t seem scared of the people here unlike in the US, the locals don’t seem like they are better than animals and respect them and want to care for the animals around. Lots of locals are not as scared of the animals as we are because of the difference in experience.

Being present

Pushing yourself to talk to locals and people around us

Doing as much as you can and making sure to get a lot out of the trip and not be hesitant about certain things, moving away from the comfort zone and into new things



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