I Only Drink Water from the Swiss Alps

I Only Drink Water from the Swiss Alps



11th of July, 2019

Travel Journal

Many of us claim water companies such as Essentia, Fiji, Evian, Smart Water, and Voss to be the best tasting water while some of us install Brita filters and fridge filters to make our clean water cleaner. But about 2000 miles away in our small town of Rurrenabaque and the community Charque, the people rely on water filters that are simply made of coarse sand, gravel,sand, river water, and a large concrete block to provide them with drinkable water. In America we are vain when it comes to the kind of water we drink, that we often forget about families like Modesto’s who rely on one water filter for thirteen family members, or the school in Charque which has one filter for four homes. I was so fortunate to spend four days in the Amazon building filters for families and provide them with clean water. When you go out to buy your favorite brand of water or install another filter, remember, the value of water is not determined by the price on the bottle, rather the fact that we are blessed to have clean running water at all times.



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