Cambodian Creature Snack

Cambodian Creature Snack



01st of July, 2016

Travel Journal

Cambodia '16

Today was a travel day from Phnom Penh to Kratie.  Thankfully, the bus ride was split up by a stop at Spider Village, a market place distinguished by venders selling cooked insects: scorpions, spiders, crickets, and others. We all had the courage to try them.  Not only did we have the chance to eat the spiders, we had the chance to hold them. All in all, the spiders were fairly friendly beasts.

We arrived in Kratie in time for lunch at Le Tonlé, the guest house and hospitality training facility of CRDT. After lunch, we went to the CRDT office and heard a presentation on their NGO. Their target goal is to help rural farmers support themselves legally without damaging the wildlife or using poisonous materials such as fertilizers and pesticides. I am excited to get to Koh Preah and start working on our project!



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