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A Day of Learning


Sabrina and Catherine

24th of July, 2023


Costa Rica (Turtles I)

To start off the morning we visited the local elementary school and saw some traditional dances. We all loved watching the dances and learning about how the girls learned how to dance. In addition, we showed the kids some American line dances and taught a few of the girls the Cotton Eye Joe. We loved being able to share different parts of our culture with each other even if we didn’t speak the same language. We then toured the school and were able to see where the kids learn and hear about their school. It was super fun to play games with the kids and it was very kind of them to teach us about the local culture. After lunch, we painted a part of the high school. They are painting the walls as part of their community service, so we were able to take a load off their backs, and it felt good to be able to help. Later in the day we learned about the care and work behind the coffee growing and making process at a local organic farm. It was inspiring to see firsthand how coffee was made and all of the hard work that goes into it. We were able to grind and crush the beans and try out the coffee, and many of us purchased coffee to bring home for our families. We are now enjoying a homemade dinner at our NGO partner Lindsey’s house. We have all loved trying all of the Costa Rican foods throughout the trip, like Arroz con Leche and Arrepas. Lindsey and all of our other hosts have shown us immense kindness throughout our stay here, and through chatting with them we have gotten a lot of insight into the community here and Costa Rica in general.



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