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We Are All Equals in the Process


15th of July, 2022


Costa Rica II

When shoveling the irrigation systems at the center, we all had to work together and help each other out. There were no leaders or group members with higher authority, but we all were equals in the process, as Jessica taught us, allows organizations to thrive. It also helped us to understand that everyone working at the center does this work everyday and there are less of them than there are of us. We can now better understand the hard work that goes into conserving the wildlife here and the family aspect of the work being done. 

When Trino was sharing about his lifestyle from shifting from hunting to conserving it was compassionate how he said that sometimes families come onto their property to hunt, but they understand that they are only hunting out of necessity for resources and they aren’t selling the animals. We think it is very impactful to hear about this family’s story and how because they were one of the first groups of people to change their lifestyle to conservation, a lot of people strongly disagreed with that and they faced a lot of backlash. Now almost everyone has changed their lifestyle and it resonated with us how even though people were against it, they did what they thought was best and most sustainable for the wildlife and them.


-Hannah and Sabrina



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