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Update from Lily and Ella


Lily and Ella

16th of July, 2022


Active Programs

Costa Rica II

Lily: While riding horses with Victor I was able to talk and reflect with him about his life and Rancho Quemado. He talked about his job and how he loves what he does, he owns multiple horses, many that are used for riding in festivals in Costa Rica. He also monitors a farm close to him helping the community learn about the nature that they live in. By monitoring the nature and the things that live in it, it helps Victor and the people in this town understand how to help nature and to be more sustainable. 

Ella: During the time I spent with the little kids, I was able to connect and communicate with them, while also being able to play and learn more about them. It was really nice to be able to talk with them, even though I stumbled on my Spanish a lot. It was also an eye opening experience to see them having fun and hanging out for so long without caring about their phones – instead just living in the moment. I also liked that they were teaching the kids young about the environment that way when they grow up they won’t have to go through the struggles some of the adults went through here while transitioning to living a more sustainable, conservational life that cares more for the environment.



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