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Trekking to School in Solukhumbu



01st of July, 2022


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Nepal '22

Namaste from Salleri at the Arhaus Children’s Home!
As our group stood upon a viewpoint of Everest after a peaceful uphill hike yesterday morning, we practiced mindfulness, a concept that much of our journey has been focused around. In front of the snow-capped peaks, we did yoga and captured photos before the fog rolled in. It was the most perfect way to reset and focus our minds before visiting a metalsmith village and one of TSW’s hostels.
At the metalsmith village, the Dalit people gave us a close look into their daily work, which consisted of hand forging metal implements, from kitchen tools to shovels, in small rooms with rocks and fire. Just outside the room, loud instruments sounded, so we headed out and our friend Chamba showed us a Sherpa cultural dance… It was awesome!
After spending some time at the village, we trekked just a short distance to the hostel. The girls welcomed us in with sweet tea, showed us one of their study spaces, and talked with us about their education. To learn that many of the girls in the hostel are from remote villages in the Himalayas was truly inspiring. Each and every girl is truly passionate about their education.
The evening consisted of competitive card games and energetic dancing with the children of Arhaus. I speak for the group when I say it’s the best way to end any day.


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