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On the Road Again…to Sellari



26th of June, 2022


Nepal '22

The idea that comes to mind when i think of today is, it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey. The drive to the Arhaus Children’s Home from Kathmandu was very long but the views the whole drive were amazing! There were so many bridges from one side of the river to the other. Those bridges reminded me of a new pathway being paved in my life. Travel and not been a huge part of my life and this trip has already changed my life so much! If I was given the chance to travel to Paris or Nepal I think in the past I would have said that I would love to go to Paris, but my mind has definitely changed after that. The drive here was incredible and if I were to do it again then I would still be happy. The long drive was not bad at all because the whole time our group was bonding and we were all gaining perspective on how lucky we are to have the resources we have at home. Coming on this course was such a great idea because I love learning about the different cultures.


Photo by Tristan as we hiked in from the local town, Sellari, to our NGO site at Arhaus.



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