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Final Thoughts from Kathmandu


2022 Nepal Crew

07th of July, 2022


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Nepal '22

The smiles on the kids faces as we danced will never leave my brain, the kids were all amazing to talk to. -Charlotte (Kanxi)
Learning the dances with the girls and just all the happy energy I felt while dancing
(the peanut butter was wicked good) – Erin (Ritu)
Every time I’d pass Chhyamba on the stairs while we were carrying sand and he’d go “CAROLYN!! :D” and I’d go “CHUMBA!! :D” -Caroline (June)
Trying to keep up with Sukurani as she sprinted up the many stairs with insanely heavy bags of sand was an exciting challenge full of laughter and pure joy! -Gianna (Maya)
Getting Henna done while hanging out with the kids was a very special experience where they were able to represent themselves and connect to us through the universal language of art.
-Eli (Basanta)
Laughing with all the kids whenever we’d try to learn a nepalese dance (and fail somewhat miserably) was just so special, they were so encouraging and patient with us! -Isabel (Sani)
Singing “Hijo de la Luna” to the kids after years of not hearing it myself was the most vulnerable yet beautiful I felt this whole trip, hearing my own voice in the nostalgic lyrics of my childhood and passing it “down” to another generation.
-Maria (Rani)
This pilgrimage of purpose is a shared experience but my peace is a solo journey of self discovery. Tristan (Shyam)
Shared purpose led to shared values and vision; all of us grew in compassion and leadership. -Guru Jim
Growing my hope for the future as I witnessed an amazing group of young people show a balance of strength and compassion for each other and the world. -Alicja (Tara)


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