Through the Lens of a Student

Through the Lens of a Student



30th of June, 2016

Travel Journal

Kenya '16

After lunch we traveled to a primary school called Marere. We couldn’t get to the school by car, which meant a lot of walking through dry, barren land. The kids who attend the school have to walk up to 2.5 hours to get to their school. We were walking through the typical lens of a student. When we arrived to the school, 324 children began to run up to us. The principal explained many hardships the students go through such as water accessibility and funding. Classes fit over 40 kids with one teacher. The classrooms were put together with mud and bricks, and that was remarkable to see. The teachers make sure that the students are able to get an education no matter what the circumstances could be. I think that our group began to think a lot about their own school conditions and situations and find themselves thankful.






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