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Home-stay Preview



03rd of July, 2016


Kenya '16

Today in the afternoon we visited the home of the grandmother of one of the children at KACH, Dennis. Even though we were complete strangers, and it was a primitive home, we were welcomed with friendly smiles. Dennis’ grandmother, Ella, showed us around her farm and told us about the different crops she grows on it. She also took us over to her son’s farm to show us where she has to go to fetch water for cooking and bathing. She then told us that she used have to walk 30+ minutes to get water from the river. I could not imagine having to walk even as far as she does to get water everyday, let alone 30+ minutes.

When we got back to her farm we met some of her other grandchildren. When we left they gave us several ears of corn even though they did not have much for themselves in the first place. I was impressed at how well they cared for us as their guests without ever meeting us before.

This experience was a good preview of what out homestay tomorrow night will be like, and hopefully those experiences will be as amazing and informative as today’s experience was.



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