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The Why


Tucker and Wyatt

06th of July, 2018


Tibet '18

People often go to work or build something for someone, but why they are doing it is often overlooked. Here in Tibet, you look around and see so many things; most are spectacular, but some are very concerning. One of the most concerning things you see is trash. It is everywhere. Trash is the reason why we are building an eco waste disposal structure. This building will provide a safe area for locals to dispose of trash. Today, we began the service part of our experience in Tibet. We are making good progress on the eco waste project. The first step we took in completing this project was digging out the slope on which we are going to lay the foundation. Shortly after, we started to lay down concrete blocks and make a concrete floor. While we were doing this, the locals welded together a frame to put the roof on. While we were learning about this project, we all started to wonder if what we were building was environmentally friendly. We knew that the villagers would be burning trash here and that isn’t good for the environment. However, we looked around and noticed there was trash everywhere. There was trash in the water, the fields, and even in the animal pens. After seeing this, we realized how much of a problem all of this trash was and came to the realization that we really were helping to keep their homelands clean.



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