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What does it mean to complete a project?


Wyatt and Tucker

07th of July, 2018


Tibet '18

What does it mean to complete a project? Does it mean creating an object, or does it mean something much more? For us, it means something much more. This past couple of days we have been putting in a lot of work. We decided, as a team, that we could do more to help the community than build just one eco waste structure. With this thought in mind, our trip leader Tenpa had the idea of making a plastic recycling house too. We all really liked this idea and started right away. For the second structure, we took over the design. In the previous structure, the locals did not properly measure the frame. This forced us to cut a lot of bricks with hatchets which turned out to be very time-consuming. For our structure, we measured everything very well and went with a log cabin technique so we did not have this problem. Because of our attention to detail, we made a very sturdy and good looking building. This made us feel accomplished and allowed us to show our Tibetan counterparts another way. In the end, building the eco-waste structures made us feel profoundly satisfied. We helped our global community through encouraging proper waste management in one of the most beautiful places in the world. While working with the Tibetan community we both learned and taught.

Wyatt and Tucker



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