Chengdu to Kangding

Chengdu to Kangding


Tucker and Wyatt

29th of June, 2018

Travel Journal

Tibet '18

In the U.S., we go through every day not thinking about what we have. We go by day to day eating what we want, drinking what we please and petting animals without suspicion. In Tibet all of these luxuries are non-existent. Every day here has had new experiences, some weird and unordinary, but all extremely fun and worthwhile.

Today we transitioned from China to Tibet, and the drive up was nothing like anything you could experience in the United States. We started in the city where we came to the conclusion that in China no one cares about upsetting others on the road. This can be quite overwhelming but thankfully we had our driver (who we have nicknamed “boss hog”) there to keep us safe.

Shortly after leaving the city, the landscape changed drastically, which meant long line of cars going up steep terrain. Eventually, we arrived in Kangding which is the stunning gateway city in Tibet. While here we have already done so much: we danced with locals, bartered for fake Gucci, and took pictures with many locals. Overall, nothing is as expected, but we could not be more pleased.



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