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The Trek to Mukli



24th of June, 2018


Nepal '18

Hello parents! My name is Luke and today I will be documenting our wild adventure here on day 4. The day started early, per usual, when we packed up our bags as we were about to venture in a 10 hour trek to Mukli. We ate a delicious breakfast comprised of pancakes, eggs and rice pudding. When we started our trek, we felt a bit of guilt as many of us struggled carrying a simple day-pack when the sherpas carried multiple 50 pound duffles at a much faster pace. Our first stop was a local monastery. We were surprised to see that only 15 minutes had passed on our VERY uphill journey. We then met a group of friendly dogs that would end up following us until we stopped for lunch. We hiked through beautiful misty jungles, although most of our attention was focused on staying clear of the harmless leeches. Although the terrain was rocky and downhill, that was soon to change! We stopped after 7 hours of hiking and had lunch. We made our own makeshift seating outside and enjoyed a mix of pre-packed lunch and soup from the restaurant. We started walking again, and encountered some slippery clay rock. I remember just looking at my watch to see what time it was and the next thing I knew I was summersaulting down the side of a hill! We took a couple stops to refuel and checked for more leeches. After several river crossings, sore feet, leech filled socks and sweaty clothes, we arrived to a warm welcome in Mukli. We then split up to meet our homestay families and we quickly bonded with them. The boys lucked out with a TV and got to watch some of the World Cup! Our host families have welcomed us with open arms and have made us feel like a part of their family already. We are looking forward to bonding with them over the next week.



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