Delving Into The Culture

Delving Into The Culture



29th of June, 2018

Travel Journal

Nepal '18

Namaste friends! My name is Chantler and I am here broadcasting from Mukli, Nepal on day 7 of our amazing trip. Today, we learned how working as a team is much faster than working alone. Our morning job was to carry rocks to the trenches we had dug and to lay our rocks down as a foundation to help the school foundation withstand any upcoming earthquakes. Initially, everyone carried their own rocks, but we quickly realized it would be much more efficient to form an assembly line. The morning flew by as we jammed out to Nepalese music and Mr. World Wide (AKA Pit Bull).

We then got a chance to split into our lens groups and work on our final projects. Many of us got the opportunity to interview Nepalese teachers, principals, and Sherpas. It let us step out of our comfort zone and have the chance to really delve into the culture we were living in. I really appreciate how the people wanted to take time out of their schedules to talk to us even if their English was not very strong.

After our delicious lunch we played our new favorite game that Shawn taught us, signs. As the game got more intense, many of the school kids gathered around, laughed and watched as we fooled the man in the middle with our new skills. After a while the game and crowd began to dwindle down, so we decided it was soccer time! We kicked the ball through the extremely muddy field and eventually broke out into a mud fight. The field that we played on was on a hill so we had to chase the ball down the mountain quite a few times. It was insane how quickly the kids could fly down the slippery hills without falling, while it took our group five more minutes to catch up! We played in the rain and sun, so when we came up from soccer, our clothes were drenched, but everyone was still smiling and laughing.

Next on our list was to hike around Mukli. We visited a home nearby and were shown how the wool blankets that we saw everywhere were made. It was cool to see the different tools they used and how it had become second nature to them. We hiked a bit further for some snacks then returned to our homes to much on delicious dinners.

Farewell for now!



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